Our experience across different sectors
ensures professional and reliable support

Throughout our decades of experience in the industry, we have been able to work across various sectors of industrial automation, accumulating expertise in solution finding and customer support. Specifically, we have a track record that includes significant end users in the manufacturing industry, major companies in the food sector and manufacturers of industrial automation machinery.

Major end users in the manufacturing industry

Working with major end users in the manufacturing industry, we have developed expertise in the realization of large-scale automatic production plants such as assembly lines, transport lines, various types of processing lines, robotic casting islands for foundries, robotic islands integrated with cutting and deburring machines for the steel industry, and automated warehouses.

Major companies in the food sector

We have had the pleasure of working for major companies operating in the confectionery, dairy and pasta sectors. With them, we have also gained experience in the food and beverage industry.

We have worked on large continuous cycle plants for food production and on process plants associated with their processing, as well as gaining experience and significant expertise in end-of-line packaging systems.

OEM: Manufacturers of Industrial Automation Machinery

We have provided consultancy services to manufacturers of industrial automation machinery, operating both during the development of new prototypes and in supporting the automation part of machines produced by the client.

Our involvement has spanned various sectors, including machines for food production, bottling machines, electronic component assembly machines, and mechanical processing machines.

We have worked in various sectors, including food production machinery, bottling machines, electronic component assembly machines and mechanical processing machines

Our services in brief


We create robotic islands for every application and in any industrial sector, synergizing with the operational areas of your company and specialized partners.

Electrical design

We specialize in electrical consulting and design.
We assist you in the study of the system and in the development of electrical diagrams in compliance with the latest regulations.

Automation software and data collection

We analyze, design and develop software for automation and the development of supervision systems for production processes, production lines, processing islands and integrated logistics systems.